Joshua Lee Stein's Intuitive Bodywork Massage

Clients' Testimonials

Decca Aitkenhead

I arrived in Treasure Beach last week with such a bad back and stiff neck that I could barely even get out of bed, and feared our holiday would be ruined. Joshua came to the villa, worked on my muscles for 90 minutes, and within 24 hours I was out dancing on the beach. It was like a miracle - I've no idea how he did it - his work is remarkable blend of massage and osteo-muscular treatment, and it literally transformed me. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Joleen Pfefer

Whenever we travel to Treasure Beach, Joshua is the first person we look up… Joshua’s massages take you to another world. Plus, I’m relaxed for months after I get back.

John Normile

For the best massage in Jamaica, 5 years and I still keep coming back.

Vashta Dunlap

You gave myself and my mom one of the most incredible massages we ever had. You are blessed with healing hands.

Amy Johnson

You came over and gave me a massage with special attention to a leg problem due to lower back stress. My leg had been bothering me since last August and by the time I arrived in Jamaica in October, I could hardly get around ( I’m not that old, just 46 ). After your therapy, the cure was almost immediate, and has lasted ever since. I would never have believed this was possible if I had not experienced in myself…. I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much you helped me.

Carol Silver

I was injured badly with a pinched nerve and got a massage. You truly made me feel much better. I am healed pretty completely now. Your massage helped me to survive the long car ride to the airport, then home on the plane. Thanks for making that possible without alcohol.

Jeanelle Anderson

You definitely won the battle over my body, Thanks, you're a master

Dmitri Bilgere

Over the years I have experienced many kinds of bodywork, and I found Joshua’s to be the best. He seems to have a “secret ingredient” that makes his work special ,whether I want to relax, renew, or work on specific physical problem.

Susan Nielsen

Joshua Stein’s therapeutic massage and bodywork is wonderful. It’s the only work I’ve ever experienced that is so completely relaxing and comforting.

Dick Russo

Joshua was sure of himself and sensitive and respectful to me. I had a wonderful experience, I became very relaxed and went deep inside.

Carole Sadler

If I ever return to Jamaica I’ll be sure to find Joshua.. It would have been great to have packed the sun, water, Joshua’s little hut and most of all Joshua into my suitcase. He is a special person.

Karen Suben

Joshua is as compassionate as he is professional. He listened to my requests and attended to them with consummate skill. Joshua’s flexibility extends to his familiarity with and ability to make use of a wide range of massage and bodywork methodologies.

Richard Moskalik

Joshua Stein does the most therapeutic massage and bodywork that I have ever experienced.

Mark Kessenich

I will be hard pressed to find someone with the expertise that Joshua has.

David Baum

Joshua's massage is the best care anywhere

Colin Channer

Thanks for the best massages I've ever had, you're simply amazing.